September 18, 2023

PoisonFrog Constant depth teeth R&P


POISON FROG’s ring and pinions are engineered and manufactured to handle the increased loads of today’s performance vehicles.

They are forged from a specific steel,lay a solid foundation, and then made by Oerlikon for precision machining in accordance with OE specifications.

Because Oerlikon adopts the end face rolling method for processing, it has better applicability and impact load resistance, and can better meet the

requirements of automotive drive axles for high speed, high speed ratio, low noise and high stability.

In addition, compared with other gears, the Oerlikon gear of the same model can increase the bending strength of the special-shaped pinion by more than 10%, the bending strength of the large wheel by more than 14%, and the contact fatigue life by 30%, which greatly improves the service life of the gear.

These tight tolerances ensure that they will be easy to set up and keep the noise level at OE specs.

Next, the gears are heat treated for added durability to endure the harsh environments of a daily-driven vehicle.

Finally, they are lapped to give the mating surface a smooth finish to reduce friction that can lead to noise and excessive wear.

Advantages of contour gears:

1. Long service life: According to the introduction of experts from Gleason Company and Oerlikon Company, compared with products with extended epicycloid contour teeth and shrinkage teeth products of the same model, the bending strength of the contour tooth small wheel can be increased by more than 10%, and the large wheel The bending strength can be increased by more than 14%, and the contact fatigue life can be increased by more than 30%.

2. Stable transmission: Due to the large curvature of the extended epicycloid contour tooth line, high overlap coefficient, and slight inner diagonal contact in the contact area, the noise is lower and the transmission is more stable during operation.


by oosaa