September 18, 2023

M-Ten powered step bumper

M-Ten powered running boards are the ideal lifted Jeep steps.

The main body of it is made of SPCC with precise dimensions for easy installation.

This fully functional, trail rated, running boards is integrated with a power step for easy access for all demographics.

The step will deploy a full 9 inches down from the body of the running boards when the door is opened. After closing your door, the step will automatically retract and sit flush with the body of the running boards.

While it is convenient to get on and off the car, it retains the protective function of the side bars.

Designed with an active power-off switch, it can actively power off to protect the step in off-road conditions.

Integrated control module detects obstructions and eliminates pinch hazards.

Integrated LED lights activate on deployment for added visibility and safety.

Single, rotary motor for fast, quiet, maintenance-free operation.

It uses a stand-alone wire harness, so no splicing or rewiring on your Jeep is necessary. This will allow you to retain your manufacturer warranty after installation.


by oosaa